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Terms & Conditions

The Window Makers are a trade only manufacturing company with over 20 years continuous trade experience. We have no 'In House' retail turnover and consequently therefore do not employ installers, surveyors or service engineers. This has a significant beneficial effect on our customers in that they do not compete for service with our own "in house" orders (as is the case with the majority of trade suppliers). The fact that we do not employ service engineers in particular, is reflected in our overall keen selling prices.

As we do not employ the above staff we are totally reliant on our customers employing professional staff to survey, order and install our products. Should any customer experience a problem with the goods supplied by us, the problems must be notified before the products are used - ideally returned to our factory for 'repair' or if necessary new replacement goods supplied as soon as is practical.

We would not expect faulty goods to be installed - and any problem notified to us subsequently. We do not accept compensations claims in respect of labour costs required to correct a problem - most particularly if faulty products HAVE been installed.

Finally we must stress the importance of checking your Order Acknowledgement thoroughly, and questioning anything you are unsure of. Errors or mistakes are both time consuming and expensive - and we fully appreciated the need for all concerned to have another satisfied customer.

All good remain the property of The Window Makers until paid for in full.nd you an order acknowledgement by fax within 24 hours for you to check the order.

Terms and Conditions

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